Seth EHA_9850_3832Thanks to the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation Fellowship Program, Seth Saeugling, a 2016 fellow, will be working with NCECF this summer. The Fellowship Program invests in emerging leaders.

Seth is a terrific match for us, given his passion for education and early learning. Seth began his teaching career at Warren County High School in NC with Teach for America. Seth also taught high school special education in California and volunteered with low-income parents in Oakland to understand children’s experiences before they entered school. This resulted in an initiative called Seeds of Power, creating activity kits to support the development of executive function skills and school readiness in young children.

Seth has come to NC most recently from the Bay area, where he worked for T Lab, the research and design arm of Tipping Point Community, an anti-poverty organization. His Kindergarten Readiness Team built and tested new programs to support parents of children birth through five in Oakland to support their children’s readiness for school.

This summer Seth is researching and writing more case studies for our Local Funding for Early Learning: A Community Toolkit, with a focus on locating more NC examples and innovative funding mechanisms. He also will be investigating new ideas for revenue streams, especially in rural communities.

Stay tuned for more as we share Seth’s work this summer!