In a new book, Recent Perspectives on Preschool Education and Care, published by IntechOpen, researchers and scholars discuss early childhood education across the globe. The municipality-funded early childhood initiative in San Antonio, Texas—Pre-K 4 SA is showcased in the chapter Community Approaches to Funding and Supports for High-Quality Early Care Experiences: A United States Example.

The chapter details how Pre-K 4 SA demonstrates a cross-sector perspective to leveraging funds based on local community resources and create long lasting impacts for its citizens and concludes with recommendations for increasing access to high-quality early care experiences in other contexts and environments. Authors include Larrisa-lei Wilkinson of Pre-K 4 SA; Emily Diaz, PhD, and Lauren Decker-Woodrow, PhD, of Westat; and Sarah Baray, PhD, of Pre-K 4 SA. Read the full news story here and download the chapter for free here.